Working with us

Efes Kazakhstan offers you opportunities to grow and develop a sustainable career as part of a family away from home in an dynamic and ever-changing environment. At Efes Kazakhstan you will also enjoy working with some of the most successful brands in the market. The success of the organization is built by your ideas to innovate and improve.

Our Success Stories

Marianna Bosh

Finance Manager

Mekhriban Ismailova

Logistics Manager

Banu Koshanova

Brewing Engineer

Yerzhan Adilbekov

Karaganda Plant Manager

Our Employer Value Proposition

Strong Brands as base for market success

Working for Efes Kazakhstan means working in a proud organisation that can base its success on both heritage and a forward thinking strategy. This results into a wide range of market-leading products. Efes Kazakhstan respects its competitors and customers as well as its employees to the fullest which is why a environment of transparency and fairness is part of the daily work. Working with a wide and strong brand portfolio also shows in the pride and loyalty employees have towards the Efes Kazakhstan brands — even outside of work.

Key performance indicators

  • A creative and dynamic work environment
  • Leaders who support my development
  • High performance focus
  • Recognising performance (meritocracy)
  • Professional training and development
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Challenging work
  • High level of responsibility

Working as one towards one result

Efes Kazakhstan is a performance driven organization and recognizes that performance is created not by the individual alone, but by a friendly and collaborative work environment. We do not focus on mistakes, but on decisions on how things can be improved. You will receive inspiration from your top management as well as your colleagues as your work together towards one result. There are no boarders between different levels with regards to communication as everyone is important. We meet each other openly with mutual respect by having no tolerance for discrimination and a strong ethical culture. We want to make work-life balance more comfortable through offering competitive remuneration, transportation, lunch and company events celebrating our success.

Key performance indicators

  • Market success
  • Financial strength
  • Attractive brands
  • Respect for its people
  • Secure employment
  • Prestige/Pride
  • Good quality of products
  • Responsible drinking orientation

Dynamic Challenges for a sustainable future

Efes Kazakhstan operates in a dynamic environment
and encourages change in order to stay ahead of the competition. Challenging the status quo is a prerequisite for a secure and sustainable future not only for the business but also for you, as our employee. This dynamic and challenging future starts with you and the support you receive from our management every day. We are looking for people with an entrepreneurial mindset in the way that you like to develop new ideas and show accountability for your ideas.
Working with autonomy helps you grow and develop your career in your own and fair way — the more you give, the more you will get. Our progression is related to our results.

Key performance indicators

  • A friendly work environment
  • Team-oriented work
  • Respect for its people
  • Inspiring management
  • High performance focus
  • Competitive benefits