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HR department Efes Kazakhstan

When it comes to talent: business is a lot like sport: the best teams with the best organizations and players win, and these same teams attract the best players,keep  and develop  them  to sustain and build upon their success.

The most interesting part of our work is to observe how our processes develop people.

We see what influence we have on our Company.

We are working on the Employer Brand and we are creating the best place to work, so that everyone can comfortably interact with each other, discover talents and potential of colleagues.

We unite all employees of the Company for the sake of common goals, so that everyone gets pleasure from their work.

By caring for each other, we help everyone to self-actualize themselves.

People are the most valuable  asset of our Company. Therefore, the most important goal is to make them happy, engaged and feel proud of being a part of Efes Kazakhstan family.

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We are always open to prospective talents and glad to cooperate.

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