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Digitization or engagement, which of one is more important?
The popular concept of digitalization in our world doesn’t cancel at all but sometimes even exacerbates the concept of people's involvement in business processes. A lot could be digitized, robotized and even artificial intelligence can be applied, but all these processes are led by people, with feelings and emotions. And those emotions often do not strengthen the process. According to PWC research 70% of business transformations fail.
Most Important Ingredient In Sales
The product you sell — must be of high quality and the sales representative should believe in it. Logistics has to be efficient to deliver fresh products on time to all even furthest regions. Distributors need to be strong in their regions, doing their job beyond expectations. But what can kill all the above tremendous efforts to make good business or vice a versa — bring it to a new level is leadership. Practically, I believe that most important part of proper leadership is...
Participation in the LEAD 2017 Prize
In November 2016 we applied to the 2017 LEAD Award with Efes L.E.A.D.S. (Leadership Exploration And Developing Self) leadership program for Middle Management level.
"Stary Melnik iz Bochonka" in a new format
The amazed varieties of Mild and Light beer are represented in the volume of the 0.5 liter bottle.