Internship for students

Наша Компания приветствует молодых инициативных студентов для получения профессионального опыта. Студентам предоставляется возможность применить свои знания, навыки, опыт работы над проектами вместе с опытными сотрудниками.

Internship for students

We are looking for talents!
If you are young, ambitious, open to new knowledge’s?
Do you want to gain professional skills and knowledge in your future specialty?

We are waiting for You

Internship «Key to your future” was developed in order to strengthen Employer brand and set a continuous relationships (systematic approach of collaboration) between our company and Universities in Kazakhstan.
During the year company participating in a big number of career (student)fairs as well as conducting a Introduction Presentation for key universities of Kazakhstan.

Interns are able to apply in any department of the Company.

Company got young, initiative, motivated talents and students, got professional experience and opportunity to take part in the competition of scholarship.

Interns have the opportunity of applying their knowledge, skills and experience working on projects together with experienced employees. However, internship is not just a job full of challenges, it is also fun and communication!

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«Dual education» project

Dual education is a system of close cooperation between universities and employers for successful professional and social adaptation of future specialists. In the process, students interpret in a new future profession and having a truth understanding about the right choice of profession.

The introduction basis of dual education in the Republic of Kazakhstan has served from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev N.A. during the visit to the Federal Republic of Germany in 2012.

The intention of a visit was the implementation of education system based on German dual model.

In order to implement these proposals between the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan and the German Society for International Cooperation, an agreement for the pilot project «Introduction of dual education in Kazakhstan» from 1 April 2013 was signed.

Efes Kazakhstan is the 1st Company among the Brewery companies, which support and implement the dual education.
The use of the dual system education showed the following advantages of this system compared to traditional:

  • the dual system of training eliminates the main drawback of traditional forms and training methods — the gap between theory and practice;
  • the creation of a new psychology prospective employee;
  • creates a high motivation to acquire knowledge and skills in work, as the quality of their knowledge is directly related to the performance of official duties in the workplace;
  • Education take place in all production areas and covering all the topics agreed upon in advance.

Dual Education project help us to establish further collaboration with Universities, increase awareness future professionals about Company and contribute to educational process.

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