Marketing Department

Do you like to keep pace with the times? Do you follow trends? Can not live without parties with friends? Do you know the numbers and can easily calculate the Volume Share? Then you should be in Marketing!

Marketing department Efes Kazakhstan

The total age of our department is not more than 200 years, this is the youngest department in our company. Sleepless nights before the events, brand plans delivery, constant hard works from the endless flow of creativity - that's what awaits you in our friendly department.

You will learn how to search consumer insights, check labels, to create activities aimed to increase sales, to write a speech for promo staff, to think through their image for an event and find out the difference between Efes Pilsen and Efes Pilsener.

There are 5 brand teams in our department who conduct all brands of Efes Kazakhstan company. 

Also, there is Market Research team and the team Events & Promotions in our department.

Our colleagues researchers are engaged in tracking trends in the market, fluctuations in key indicators, as well as changes occurring with brands of competitors.

Team Events & Promotions is our guide to the nightlife of consumers! Colleagues are involved in the organization and conduct of all events in which the company's brands participate.

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