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The role of financial department in  production company has particular importance and differs from the financial service of a business not related to production.

Finance department Efes Kazakhstan

Production is a living organism with well-defined processes and functions. Without exaggeration, we can say that the financial department is involved in all areas of the company's activities and processes. Budgeting and planning, controlling and treasury, accounting and tax, information technology service. 

You will understand how proper budgeting or controlling flow and specified allowances affects both  life of the company in general as well as exact brands, because one of our tasks is not to allow the company to step outside its capabilities. Competent financial management and cash flow management allows you to build the right one without risks strategy which generates profit, and most importantl, you can evaluate how the decision made and the action affects the whole chain of the company's processes, from purchasing materials to finished products  realization. Being a part of the international holding, the corporate culture of the financial department is built according to modern European standards.

Our company rank among the 300 large taxpayers of Kazakhstan, making large allocations to the country's budget. Therefore, the role of employees responsible for accounting and tax accounting is very important. The company has repeatedly received the award as the best taxpayer in the region, this success means that all legal and financial details in the company's activities were taken into account due to the professionalism and each employee engagement. We need responsible and lpassionate in their job people.

In Kazakhstan there are not so many foreign production companies in the FMCG sector with an international level of corporate culture and work with us is a great, unique experience.

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