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Logistics Trends 2022-2030: The Future of Digital Logistics and Environmental Sustainability.

On the current market instability of raw materials availability and the Environmental Sustainability requirement it is vital to find the solution for less usage materials and to reach to the possible level of zero waste. Now almost all big companies are involved into Environmental Sustainability. It is great that in 2019 a new Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan was developed by leading experts and the business community and approved, this Code is based on the best international experience.

Here I would like to emphasize that in scope of the Environmental Sustainability the synergy between state and enterprises within a country is a key to success. It is obvious that to implement some ideas for optimization, for an example, the packaging and auxiliary materials usage reduction the companies require State support to consider new technical regulation on labeling of goods especially in bottles format; now it is required a lot of information are to be printed on the secondary packaging.

Just imagine maybe not today but in the nearest future we will come to the short version of bottle product label where will be the Name of the product, shelf life and Quick Response code through which the customer will find all required information stated in Technical Regulation. It is reasonable to use our modern tools like internet, smart phones, etc. for less materials consumption.

Why is it important?! The global paper market is shrinking: a sharp increase in costs (raw materials, energy, new CO2 emissions reduction requirements) is pushing more companies to make decisions to sell, close, repurpose enterprises, as well as to accelerate the implementation of previously announced plans to close the capacity. Unfortunately, as all we know such problems related not only to paper but to other raw materials supply…

However, on the scope of new Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan we have good local news: in our country the «Waste to Energy” mechanism has been introduced and in process, that is, waste incineration with subsequent generation of electricity. The «Myrolysis” technology makes it possible to process waste and receive gas at the same time then converting to the electricity. Such waste processing plants will appear in Kazakhstan. And this will give just one more idea for the manufacturing companies to consider the feasibility using the special pellets through installed small equipment for «Myrolysis” to receive electricity.

Let’s share new ideas even «crazy” ones, those not true for today’s reality and filter them by choosing best ones for implementation to improve and develop the current process. We are all on one side to save the World for the Future and if all of us will sound and make even small steps towards the best future we will have Great Results!